Last updated: May 4, 2018


This page tells you what happens after you apply for Marketplace coverage.

After I apply for Marketplace coverage, what happens next?

After you pick a plan on the Marketplace, you must pay your first month’s premium in order for your coverage to take effect. You make this payment to your insurance company, not the Marketplace. You must pay your premium every month to keep your health coverage.

After you enroll, your insurance company should send you a welcome packet and an insurance card. You will need this card whenever you go to a doctor. If you need to see a doctor before your card arrives, call your insurance company. 

Contact your insurance company if you have any questions or need more information.

Keeping Your Account Up to Date

It is important to check in on your account regularly to make sure that you see any new information, notices, or mailings. Your online account at is helpful for making important updates like changes to your address, income, or household. 


Renewing or Keeping Your Coverage

It is important to renew your health insurance each year to make sure you are still covered.

Every year, you should shop in the Marketplace during Open Enrollment (November 1 – December 15) to see if the health plan you have is still the best one for you. Your health plan should notify you when open enrollment is coming. You should also report any changes such as changes in income or household members to the Marketplace during the year.