Last updated: May 11, 2018


This page will help you use your health plan through the Marketplace.

I bought Marketplace Coverage. Now what?

Congratulations! This is an important first step to better health and well-being. Coverage isn’t only important when you are sick, it’s helpful when you don’t feel sick.

Once you’re enrolled in a health plan and your coverage has started, you can use it to help cover medical costs for services like:

Unsure about your coverage? Learn what to do if you’re not sure you’re enrolled at, or haven’t received your insurance card from your insurance company.

Where do I go if I need help with my Marketplace plan?

You can call the customer service number on your insurance card if you have questions about your coverage.

You can make an appointment to find a trained assister near you.

What do I do after I pick a plan?

You have to pay your first month’s premium before your health insurance can start. You may be able to  pay online through your account, or you can follow the instructions you plan sends to you.

You can only change your Marketplace plan one time per year during Open Enrollment unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. You qualify for a Special Enrollment Period when you have certain life events, including losing health coverage, moving, getting married, having a baby, or adopting a child. You typically have 60 days after the event to make a change.