Last updated: May 3, 2018


Here are some terms to know about your insurance costs and how to use your insurance.


The monthly bill you pay for your plan.


The amount you pay for a covered health care service. The amount can be different for each type of service. For example, you may pay $20 for a doctor visit. The co-pay amounts are usually listed on your insurance card.


The amount you owe for covered health care services before your plan begins to pay.

Preventive Care

Routine health care that includes screening and checkups to prevent or detect illnesses, diseases, or other health problems.


Doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers your insurance company works with to deliver health care services. Usually, the providers you see must all be in the same network.

Primary Care Provider

A doctor who you choose who you must usually see first when you are sick or injured. They can refer you to other doctors or to the hospital.


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