Last updated: May 3, 2018


Here are some tips for how to choose a doctor in your Marketplace plan.

Finding a Primary Care Provider (PCP)

It’s a good idea to pick a primary care provider (PCP) who can help keep up with your health history. Some plans may require you to pick a PCP.

You will need to choose a PCP that is in your network- check the insurance company’s website to see a list of doctors in your network. 

Questions to ask before you choose a doctor

Here are some questions to ask yourself that may help you find the right PCP for you.

-Is there a doctor I already like?

-Does someone in my family have special needs?

-How far do I want to travel to see a doctor?

-Are they accepting new patients?

-Do I need a doctor who speaks a certain language?

You can also ask people you trust if they have providers they like. Sometimes you can look up providers on the Internet to see what other people in the community say about them.

Choosing Your Doctor

When you are ready to choose your doctor, you should call the PCP to make sure they are still in the plan’s network. You should also ask if the provider is accepting new patients, or patients with your health coverage. This may change during the year, so you should always ask.

Call your insurance company to let them know who you have chosen as your PCP. Here is some advice on how to prepare for visiting your doctor.

Sometimes it takes more than one visit to figure out if a provider is the right one for you. If you decide to change your doctor, call your insurance company to update them.