Health Benefits for Immigrants Ages 42-64

There is a health insurance program in Illinois called “Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults” (HBIA) for non-citizens ages 42-64 who do not meet immigration status requirements for Medicaid.

To learn more, see our fact sheet.

Who is Eligible?

You may be eligible for this new program if you:

  • Are 42-64 years old, AND
  • An undocumented immigrant OR have another immigration status that makes you ineligible for traditional Medicaid; AND
  • You are not a green card holder or legal permanent resident in the U.S. who has had that immigration status for less than five years; AND
  • Have Income under 138% Federal Poverty Level (FPL)


How Does it Work?

The new health insurance program provides comprehensive healthcare coverage without premiums.

Covered services include:

  • doctor and hospital care,
  • lab tests,
  • rehabilitative services such as physical and occupational therapy,
  • mental health and substance use disorder services,
  • dental and vision services, and
  • prescription drugs.

Nursing facility services and home and community-based services are not covered.

What about Public Charge?

Getting healthcare services through this program will not count against you for the public charge test.

How Do I Apply?

New enrollment in this program is currently paused.

For more information, contact:
– Office of Welcoming Centers for Refugee and Immigrant Services Bureau of Refugee and Immigrant Services at 312-793-2705, or

– Immigrant Family Resource Programs website or the ICIRR Health Hotline: 815-435-7693