Last updated: February 4, 2019


This section provides information about MMC (Manage My Case).

What is Manage My Case?

Manage My Case (MMC) is a new section on the Application for Benefits Eligibility (ABE) website that lets you check on, change, and renew your Medicaid, SNAP, and TANF benefits online, anytime.

Use Manage My Case to:

  • Check the status of an application
  • Renew benefits
  • Report changes – income, household members, expenses, or new address
  • Upload documents
  • See notices
  • See and reschedule upcoming appointments
  • File and manage appeals

How to Set Up a Manage My Case:


Step 1:


Step 2:

Click on the green “Manage My Case” button

Enter your ABE Username and Password

If you don’t have an ABE account, click ‘Create an ABE account’ to register


Step 3:

After logging in, select ‘Link your account’

Enter your date of birth and Social Security Number or Individual ID number

This one-time process will link your ABE account to your benefit case information


Step 4:

When you link your case to your ABE account, you will be asked to answer a few questions to confirm your identity. If successful, you will go right to MMC.


Note: Before January 2019, some people could not set up Manage My Case, for example if they did not have a credit history. Starting in January 2019, clients or applicants who have tried to verify their identity online at but were not able to, can request that the State manually Identity Proof them so they can use Manage My Case (MMC).

You can request manual Identify Proofing from the State with a form in English or Spanish. After you return the form, the State will mail you a notice to tell you if your manual Identity Verification has been approved.

Detailed instructions are on the Illinois Department of Human Services’ website.  If you have questions, email:

You can still apply for benefits and use your Medical card if you cannot set up a Manage My Case Account.


Need Help with Manage My Case in Another Language?

Manage My Case fact sheets are available from the DuPage Federation in Arabic, Burmese, Chinese Mandarin, Hindi, Korean, Polish, Russian, Tagalog, Urdu, and Vietnamese.